Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Future of Halloween

The Future of Halloween

While we can't say for certain exactly how Halloween will be celebrated one hundred years from now, we have a pretty good idea about the next two years. But before we get to that, here are some thoughts on how the particular day of the week that Halloween falls on influences this holiday.

For Christmas, it is not uncommon for people to start putting up decorations as early as Thanksgiving and they may leave them up all the way through New Years. Since the Christmas season lasts literally weeks, you have much more time to spread out special events such as parties.

Halloween on the other hand, usually does not become visible until October 31st, or at best a few days before and then vanishes like dust in an Autumn breeze the following day. You may spend weeks or even months in preparation for Halloween night, but all you get is one night.

When Halloween falls on a week day, except Friday, celebrating tends to be smaller, particularly on a Wednesday or Thursday. These days are too far removed from the preceding weekend to have a Halloween party, and it's virtually unheard of to hold a party after October 31st. If you have a party on a week night, it usually has to be short in duration as kids have school the next day and most adults have work. The best Halloween falls on either a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, giving more time for parties, haunts and Halloween fun.

Here's the best news for the next two years: Halloween will fall on a Saturday in 2009 and on a Sunday in 2010.

Saturday - This is our favorite day for Halloween to fall on. Kids are out of school and have plenty of time to get ready. They can stay up later since they don't have school the following day. Adults have all Friday night to hold or go to a Halloween party and then Sunday night to greet their costumed visitors.

Sunday - Our second favorite day for Halloween to be, you can host or go to that party on Saturday and then have all Sunday to prepare for your trick or treaters.

So, what can we expect over the next two years? More Halloween parties, more business related events such as costume contests, a larger selection of Halloween products in stores and more haunted events like haunted houses popping up around towns. The next two years look to be great for Halloween lovers everywhere!