Sunday, March 29, 2009

Halloween Decorations: Building a Graveyard

Halloween Decorations: Building a Graveyard in Your Yard

Creating an impressive graveyard scene in your yard entails more than just sticking some tombstones in the ground.When arranging your tombstones remember that graves in a real cemetery are usually spaced about 7 feet from row to row, but you can take a few liberties with distances. While you don't have to space them out just right, you do want to give the illusion of there actually being real graves, so you want to space out your tombstones. Leave at least a foot or two between the stones side to side, and 4 feet or more from row to row. We like to tilt some of the tombstones so that the graveyard looks old and dilapidated.

For that real old, abandoned or overgrown graveyard feel, add Spanish moss, leaves and vines. Spanish moss adds a great effect when glued in bunches at the base and up the tombstones. Next, drape and glue some Spanish moss and silk vines over the top of your tombstones. You can also use leaves and pieces of silk plants, and attach them with hot glue or wood glue randomly. Make sure each tombstone is done differently than the others, and be careful not to add too much, or you will bury your tombstones in the effect!

For even more atmosphere, use camo netting, silk trees, old branches, and silk vines, around your graveyard to give that dead or overgrown look. Drape some down from overhead, use the trees in the area, or wires. You can even use wire or rope with streamers of cloth or material hanging from it, it all depends on the lighting. Just remember that you don't want a fire hazard, so use fire treated materials, camo netting and silk plants are usually pre-treated.