Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deluxe Superman Man of Steel Costume

Deluxe Superman Man of Steel Costume. Bulk up in an instant with our Deluxe Superman Man of Steel Costume. This superhero outfit includes a molded muscle chest jumpsuit, boot covers, and red cape. The large letter "S" on the chest has been this hero's signature logo since his first appearance in 1938. The red and blue color scheme is in keeping with America's national colors, which is fitting since Superman is devoted to protecting his country. Superman does not need any extra gadgets to help him save the day, but you can add superhero accessories to add to your character look. Black wigs, sunglasses, boots, and a briefcase can turn you into Clark Kent, Superman's human identity. Wear the Superman bodysuit underneath and then tear away your coat in the middle of the party to expose your superhero identity! Look the part of a crime-fighter with our Superman costume.