Friday, August 30, 2013

Disney Prestige Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume

Disney Prestige Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume. Become a real life Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty this Halloween in the girlish pink and gold long sleeved dress of the Disney Prestige Aurora Costume. This beautiful design includes a striking white pointed collar across the shoulders and collarbone, accented with an attractive character cameo on the center. The bodice features hot pink and gold fabric down the mid-section. The skirt showcases a few pieces of wispy matching material at the waist. This enhances the look of the full skirt which reaches to the feet. Bright pink fabric shimmers on the sides of the full skirt with a panel of pink and gold material down the length of the front. Sheer long sleeves put a touch of femininity on the arms. This costume also comes with a petticoat which adds fullness to the appearance of the skirt. A gold tiara headband is also included.