Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween Wine Tasting Party

Halloween Wine Tasting Party

Tired of the standard spooky Halloween party? Mix things up by throwing a festive Halloween wine tasting party that mixes sophistication and fright. With great décor and delicious Halloween treats your party is a guaranteed hit.

Haunted Wine Tasting Décor:

Go all out with the wine tasting theme and turn your house into a haunted wine cellar. Here are a few ways you can create this look:

1. Procure old wooden barrels and use them as much as possible. Use them to hold platters of food, wine decanters, decorations, and jars of candy.

2. Use oversized glass apothecary jars to hold Halloween candy, cookies or other treats.

3. Present food on large silver platters, and label cheeses and crackers with small toothpicks that have labels attached. Write in scary writing or use a ghoulish computer font for maximum effect.

4. Create a grand wine tasting table by placing an old, broken down door between two wine barrels. Scatter the table with grapes (real or faux), vines with grape leaves, and scary touches like fake mice and spider webs.

5. On the grand tasting table, place each different type of wine in an old fashioned glass decanter. Make sure to identify which wine is which with more ghoulish labels.

Delicious Wine Tasting Treats:

Serve your guests plenty of tasty snacks to satisfy their appetite between tastings.

Variety of Cheese:

Put out a variety of cheeses for your guests to nibble on. Choose an assortment of hard and soft, mild and strong flavored cheeses.

Crackers & Bread:

Bread and crackers are perfect to pair with the cheese, and they provide energy and something substantial for appetizers. Try getting seedy crackers, French bread and a soft whole wheat roll for a good variety.

Apple and Salami Rolls:
Pair a thinly sliced piece of gala apple with a thin slice of a hard cheese.

Wrap it up with a piece of Genoa salami.
Keep it all together with a toothpick.

Five Great Halloween Wines:

1. Vampire Wines: The grapes for Vampire wines were originally grown in Transylvania, giving the wine its name. Choose from a variety including Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir.
2. Poizin Zinfandel: This wine from the Arminda Winery comes in a box shaped as a coffin.
3. Casillero del Diablo: The name of this wine translates to “Cellar of the Devil,” perfect for a Haunted Tasting Party! Look at the selection in the Casillero del Diablo, which includes good food pairings too!
4. Owen Roe Sinister Hand: A Rhone-style blend from Washington state with a label label features a ghoulish-looking hand. Have a look at Owen Roe's website for all the sinster selections.
5. R Winery Evil Cabernet Sauvignon: A thick, fruity wine with a great name. If you like white wine better, try the Pure Evil Chardonnay. Don't be afraid to shop for your evil cabernet!