Monday, September 30, 2013

Deluxe Hooded Robe Dress Costume

Deluxe Hooded Robe Dress Costume. If you're looking for a simple costume with lots of uses, the Deluxe Hooded Robe Dress Costume is just for you. It features a full length white dress with an attached black robe over it. It's one piece but looks like two. The black hood is attached and has a white lining, the front of the robe has lace up ribbon ties, and the sleeves are long and flared. This costume has many uses. It can be anything from a maiden's dress to a witch or vampire costume. It works as a Medieval, Victorian, or Gothic style period dress. Wear the Adult Deluxe Hooded Robe Dress Costume to a LARP or cosplay event or to a costume or Halloween party.