Monday, September 2, 2013

Deluxe Skylanders Giants Jet Vac Costume

The Deluxe Skylanders Giants Jet Vac Costume is a can't miss out on costume this Halloween. Skylanders is a kid oriented action and puzzle game that utilizes both physical toys and video game consoles. This particular costume is a great way to get your kid excited for Halloween by letting him dress up as one of his favorite video game characters. The Deluxe Skylanders Giants Jet Vac Costume features a jumpsuit with attached coat, shoe covers, gloves, and a mask. The jumpsuit is a dark blue and features a light blue feather design, while the medieval styled coat sits upon the shoulders and is attached to the belt. The medieval style belt features the same feather pattern to match and the shoe and hand covers transform your appendages into the character Jet Vac's yellow talons. Jet Vac's blue helmet, yellow beak, and mane of feathers is wonderfully captured and represented with the included mask.