Friday, September 5, 2008

Milk Container Pumpkin Activity

Milk Container Pumpkin Activity

Need a safe way to light up your walkway? This milk container pumpkin craft is perfect for fall and Halloween. Greet your guests and trick or treaters, but don't worry about the wind! Our candles don't blow out.


Plastic gallon milk container with lid
Pen or pencil
Craft knife or scissors
1 bottle orange acrylic enamel or gloss paint
Sponge brush applicator
Hot glue gun
Flickering tea light (battery operated)
Brown felt


1. Lightly draw a jack-o'-lantern face on the front of the milk container.

2. Cut out features with scissors or a craft knife. Cut a flap in the back of the pumpkin, big enough that you can fit a sandwich bag full of sand or a handful of rocks in to weigh it down.

3. Paint the container with three coats of orange paint. Allow it to dry between coats.

4. Holding the flickering tea light upside down, place it inside the mouth of the milk container. (You may need to trim down the opening until the tea light is able to fit inside.) Once you’ve sized the mouth, remove the tea light and set it aside.

5. Cut out a rectangle from the brown felt big enough to fit around the mouth of the milk container. Use hot glue to line the inside of the area, then fold the excess down felt around the outside of the mouth and glue in place. The tea light should fit snuggly inside and be pointing downward. (Do not glue down the tea light – you should be able to remove and replace it when the battery dies.)

6. Insert rocks or a small bag of sand into the back flap of the pumpkin for weight. Place pumpkin on the porch and when night falls, turn on the flickering tea light!